women's plain shirt

Easy Styling with Women’s Plain Shirts

Women’s taste in fashion vary, some love to go big and extra no matter where they go even if it is just for a cup of coffee; whereas other women would rather keep it as simple as possible following the saying “simplicity is the key to beauty”.


Even though when going shopping, many women tend to disregard women’s plain shirts trying to stay away from the basic trends, yet no one can deny the simple styling one can make by simply throwing on a women’s plain shirt despite the color. 

It is normal to aim to invest in high end and trending pieces but it is as important to invest in basic wardrobe essentials like plain shirts, that will never go out of style over the years. 

  • Why are Women’s plain shirts an essential in every wardrobe? 

  • A lot of you may think of this as unnecessary or prefer to stay away from the basic plain shirts because their ultimate fashion goal is to stand out from the crowd through wearing trendy and unique items that are rarely seen on their surroundings. But did you know that you can still stand out from the crowd by wearing a women’s plain shirt

    Whether black, white or colored, women’s plain shirts are the ground essential for any wardrobe. They have been recognized as the ideal combination of simplicity and comfort; and the best thing is that they can be easily styled in different ways to match the style of the person and the event, outing or occasion it is worn to. These shirts have held the heart of most women over the years and there are a lot of reasons why almost everyone, 

    even stylist recommend having a plain shirt in your wardrobe and this is due to different reasons naming: -

  • Flexible - easy to style:

  • One main reason why you need to add women’s plain shirts, either one color or multi colors to your closet is simple because you can style it up or style it down in different ways that will match your taste. These shirts are perfect for accessorizing and layering while maintaining your comfort and elegance despite the season. You can easily pair any color with a pair of jeans, tuk it all in or half in depending on your taste. You can either tie it and match it with jeans, shorts and even a skirt; or you can simply pair it with a blazer and accessorize to elevate the look into a more chic and elegant outfit.  


  • Classic:

  • Women’s plain shirts have been, for decades now, identified as the classic foundation of any outfit. These shirts, with no doubt, are the most commonly loved items among women despite their backgrounds, ethnicity, age, race and style. Having a couple of these shirts available for you in your wardrobe means that you will never run out of ideas on what to wear to work, to a gathering or simply to a meeting. 

  • Chic:

  • Even though many may refer to these plain shirts as boring, yet this cannot be more false. These shirts are an everlasting trend; in spite of your age you can easily add a plain shirt, accessorize a little bit and you are ready to go; it is what many people refer to “minimalist fashion”; this trend that is not taking a break due to its comfort and easy styling hacks. The first and simple way to create a neutral chic look is by adding a plain shirt to your outfit. 

  • Comfortable:

  • The best way to stay in style while maintaining your comfort is by easily adding a women’s plain shirt; staying in style doesn’t require you risking your comfort in order to stay in style in being a fashion icon. 


    There are hundreds of ways to style your women’s plain shirt, you can mix and match the way you want; whether with a skirt, a dress, a short a pair of jeans, a pair of cargo pants, formal pants or any type of pants, these shirts can easily be paired with and styled depending on your taste. Trust us when it comes to effortless chic style, you need to have a plain shirt, at least a black and a white one that matches every single item in your closet and can be worn to any occasion, outing and event. 

    So what are you waiting for? Hurry up, visit our website www.byndfab.com choose your favorite women’s plain shirt whether a simple shirt or a plain button down and style it your way and trust me you can still stand out from the crowd with a simple plain shirt.