plaid beige gabardine shirt

Let’s Style a Plaid Beige Gabardine Shirt

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One of the easiest ways to style a simple outfit is to add a plain shirt to it; instantly the overall look will change and give a stylish look or what most people refer to as “street style”. 

Even though many people link plaid shirts to street style or “tomboy style”, yet these plaid shirts are recognized as a must in every woman’s wardrobe by many stylists and designers since they are comfortable, versatile and stylish. 

Let’s take a plaid beige gabardine shirt for example, this plaid shirt is one way to style any outfit especially that this color goes perfectly with every color and any outfit. 

  •  How to choose a Plaid Shirt or a plaid beige gabardine shirt:- 

  • Over the years, squared shirts have been trending for both women and men, but it is important to choose a plaid shirt that suits your size, shape and tone. So the next time you are seeking a plaid shirt follow these simple tricks:-

    1. You need to pay attention to the size of the squares on the plaid shirt; if you are size 0 or x small to small you can easily wear all types of plaid shirts regardless of the size of the squares. Whereas if you are a medium sized  you need to choose the shirt’s squares to be 2 by 2 cm (small squares) this will give your body a perfect shape. 
    2. The plaid shirt, or in our case the plaid beige gabardine shirt, should be a size bigger than the one you usually wear because the more loose it is the better it looks. 
    3. The plaid shirt’s length should be below the waist, to give you a better shape and it can be used as a shirt or as a cardigan, jacket… anything you want it to be. 

    1. How to Style a plaid beige gabardine shirt:-

    There are different ways you can style a plaid or squared shirt, let us take the plaid beige gabardine shirt  and how you can style it with different colors, different styles for different events or outings:- 

    1. The first and easiest way to style a plaid beige gabardine shirt is to add it to a simple outfit like a black jeans with a basic top (black or white) by adding this plaid shirt, you will automatically add a touch of style and you can pair it with a sneakers (white or beige) with a small bag or you can even wear it with heeled boots or mini boots. 

    1. You can pair it with a bikers shorts or a denim short with a basic shirt, crop top or even an oversized t shirt, you can add it to them with a pair of sneakers of you choice a hat/cap maybe some accessories and there you have it and easy comfortable casual look; or what people like to call “street style look” which is booming right now. 

    1. Another way you can style a plaid shirt is by simply wearing it around your waist. Yes around your waist ! A lot of people don’t like to wear a long shirt or to layer but they would love to give their outfit a small stylish touch so grab a skinny jeans, a basic white or black shirt, a converse or any plain sneakers and just tie a plaid shirt around your waist. 

    1. You don’t need to wear the plaid shirt as a jacket at all times, you can wear it as a shirt (top) with a short, skirt, jeans or even a legging pair with sneakers, boots, sandals or heels, depending on your style and taste. And you can even throw a vest, a plain blazer or a jacket to elevate the overall look. 

    1. If you are aiming for a more comfortable, or sporty look, just add a plaid shirt, or in this case the plaid beige gabardine shirt, to your sport’s set; whether it is a legging and a shirt, or a biker short and a sports bra you can easily add throw it on or tie it around your waist as previously mentioned and you will have a simple yet beautiful fit for the day.


    1. Knowing that a lot of people prefer to wear shirts that are fit, short and waist defining; this is when you can pair the shirt with a jeans of your choice, tie the shirt from the front according to the length you prefer and you can even use an elastic tie to tie it from the back, side or from the front. 

    These are easy and stylish ways to elevate your overall look by simply adding a plaid beige gabardine shirt,or any plaid shirt of your choice; the reason why we chose the plaid beige gabardine shirt is because it suits and goes perfectly with any outfit of any color due to its neutral and classic colors. 

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