White Cotton Shirt

Wardrobe Essential : White Cotton Shirt

Different fashion trends and styles evolve every year, and it is hard to cope with the different trending items on a yearly basis because you simply cannot change your entire wardrobe every year. It is technically impossible! This is where every girl asks herself: “ what are the essential items I need in my wardrobe that never go out of fashion?” 

Almost all stylists and fashion influencers and designers agree on certain items as being the “Essential wardrobe items” naming:-

  1. White Cotton Shirt
  2. Blue jeans 
  3. Black jeans 
  4. White Jeans 
  5. Black basic shirt 
  6. White basic


These  items and so many more are simple fashionable items that never go out of style because of their simplicity first, and their neutral basic color that fits any event or outing while being the perfect fit for any skin tone. 


This article will introduce you to different styling tips and different ways to style a White Cotton Shirt to fit a night out, a normal working day or even a day out with the ladies. 


  • How to Differentiate the different types of a White Cotton Shirt:

  • Due to the massive demand on White Cotton Shirt, different brands have been designing and working on different ideas, shapes, and materials to choose from, finding the perfect blouse or shirt style is not always easy; here are the different types or models of the White Cotton Shirt:

    1. The fitted shirt:- this shirt is usually slim fit, or in other words, a shirt that defines the body and fits perfectly. These fitted shirts are usually referred to as the “pear shaped figures' ' since they are extremely tight from the waist as means to define women’s waist keeping it feminine, elegant and classy. 
    2. The boyfriend shirt: This is recognized as the most popular shirt among women; and this is due to the fact that being an oversized fit, this look offers both comfort and femininity. While boyfriend shirts are ideal for those with a tall, plus-size, or apple-shaped figure, anyone can look great in them despite their shape, size and height. 
    3. The collarless shirt: This type is referred to as the traditional blouse/shirt. Over the years collarless shirts/blouses have been seen as elegant and chic being the middle ground between a fitted blouse and a loose/comfortable one. 
    4. The silk shirt:  2022’s latest trend is a silk button down shirt; this trend has been skyrocketing for the past year and this summer it is getting more viral. The silk fabric offers an elegant, classic feminine while showing off curves being the best choice for rectangle-shaped bodies by most stylists.

    1. How to Style a White Cotton Shirt:

    Regardless of her personal style, every stylish woman usually has a white blouse hanging in her closet, ladies usually lean towards wearing a White Cotton Shirt more often than any other basic shirt and this is due to the fact that these shirts are plain, comfortable, easy to style and goes with everything. 

    Here are different ways you can style your white shirt:

    1. You can pair your White Cotton Shirt with a classic black skirt (tight, pleated, short or midi skirt) with either boots, ballerina or black or white pumps (this depends on how classic and formal you would like to look). 
    2. You can pair the white shirt with a pair of jeans of your choice (blue, black or even gray) along with mini boots, combat boots or even black sneakers for a sport chic look. 
    3. If you are seeking to elevate your look a little bit, the same outfit mentioned above, you can simply throw on a blazer (any color of your choice) to make it more formal than casual. 
    4. For a formal look, for work meetings for example, you can pair the white shirt with a black tailor pants or formal black pants along with plain black pumps (heels) a black bag and you are good to go. You can even add a black or gray blazer if you want; but the main focus needs to be on the neutral colors (stick to basic colors like white, black, navy blue, gray) whenever you are dressing up formally. 
    5. Lastly, you can pair white shirt with a vest and a skirt, or with a dress vest that will give you a slightly edgy formal look. 

    As you can see, there are different types of white shirts and different ways to style them depending on the style you are seeking and the overall look you are aiming for.