Women’s Oversized T-shirts

Women’s Oversized T-shirts taking over 2022 Fashion Trend

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Over the years, Women fashion trends have focused primarily on showcasing women’s bodies through tight shirts, tight dresses, skinny/slim jeans and slim fit shirts. There have been different stereotypes on those who wore baggy or oversized clothes, but these past 2 years, all trends have been amended and women’s oversized t-shirts are more trending than ever. 

The main reason why this trend became a huge hit is because you can pair women’s oversized t-shirts with anything regardless of the style; jeans, biker shorts, skirts…etc. These shirts just go with everything and they kicked off pretty well especially after recognizing their ability to match any type of accessories and shoes (sandals, sneakers, running shoes…etc.)

  • How to wear & Style Women’s Oversized T Shirts: -

  • There are significant reasons why this trend has risen to an ultimate popularity, mainly due to the fact that most women aspire to wear something beyond the average, stylish, comfortable and unique. Oversized T-shirts are trending now not only among women but also among men and even children despite the size and the shape of their bodies. The ultra comfortable fit and soft fabrik of these t-shirts are the main reason behind the rise in demand. 

    So, sizing up, in other words, women’s oversized t-shirts and clothes are the new trend today but what is the key to stay at the top of style and standing out even while wearing oversized shirts?  The most important thing is to know how, when and where to wear these shirts. 

    Women, mixing oversized pants with oversized shirts may seem a bit off the edge or confusing since many may refer to this style in particular as “tomboy feminine”; this is why it is better to go bottom tight with oversized tops to keep you feminine touch and staying stylish, comfortable and fashionable no matter where you go. For example, if you chose any of women’s oversized t-shirts, you can pair them with a pair of leggings, skinny jeans, biker shorts, or even regular shorts.  However if you are seeking a full oversized look, this is when you choose a pants of your choice, trousers, mom jeans, wide leg or any type of pants you tuck in the shirt either in the pants or in your bra and there you have an effortless chic look to balance the bulkiness.  

    Furthermore, if you seek to create a more classy and elegant look while keeping it as casual as possible, you can simply throw on a blazer on top of your women’s oversized t-shirt or an oversized button down, and don’t forget to accessorize by adding a belt and a clutch or a mini bag to finalize the look.  Whereas if you are seeking a brighter look or even a kind of funky look, you can simply add a certain print that fits your style while wearing a plain women’s oversized t-shirt .

  • Women’s Oversized T-shirts for Summer:-

    If you are seeking to stand out from the crowd this summer while still looking stylish and fashionable, here are some tips on how to wear these women’s oversized t-shirts this summer and some basic tips of limiting the risk of looking bulky or less feminine. 

    The first simple tip is to easily tuck in the oversized shirt in your bottoms as mentioned earlier, or you can even go for a half tucked in look which means either to tuck the women’s oversized t shirt from the front and keep it from behind; or even tuck it from only one side and keep the rest of the t-shirt above. It really depends on the style you desire and the look you feel most comfortable in. 

    The second tip is for the people who don’t mind showing off some of their skin. You can turn your women’s oversized t-shirt into a crop top by simply tying a knot in the middle front, on the side or even from the back. You can either tie a knot or simply use an elastic or hair tie and tie the shirt the way you want. Another way that also may show some skin is by wearing an extra oversized shirt and turning it from a t-shirt into an off shoulder top. 

    Summarizing all the different styles as follows: -


    1. Tie Knot Oversized T-Shirt .
    2. Off Shoulder Oversized T-shirt .
    3. Oversized Shirt paired with Biker Shorts.
    4. Oversized Shirt paired with mini Boots .
    5. Oversized Shirt paired with Knee High Boots .
    6. Oversized Shirt paired with Skinny Jeans .
    7. Oversized Shirt paired with tight or tennis Skirt .
    8. Oversized Shirt paired with Sneakers .
    9. Oversized Shirt paired with Sweatpants .
    10. Oversized Shirt worn as a Dress .
    11. Oversized Shirt paired with pair of Leggings .
    12. Oversized Shirt paired with pair of Tights .
    13. Oversized Tee paired with Overalls .
    14. Tucked In Oversized T-shirt .
    15. Oversized Shirt accessorized with a Belt .
    16. Oversized Shirtdress accessorized with a Belt .
    17. Oversized Shirt paired with a Corset .
    18. Oversized Shirt paired with any type of Shorts .

    So, to summarize things up, wearing women’s oversized t-shirts are a massive trend during 2022. You can style it up or style it down; go for a full casual chic style or go for a street style look. It all depends on what you pair your oversized shirt with and how you accessorize. But go ahead, be comfortable, stylish and most importantly, love your body no matter what you wear. 

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